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Diving at Azura Benguerra

When diving in the clear waters around Benguerrua Island, divers should look for diverse reef fish such as Grouper, Surgeons, Moorish idols, Parrot and Clown fish. Hard and small corals mingle with anemones and nudibranchs - for those who like to spot the smaller things.

Divers may also come acrossGreen and Leatherback turtles, Humpback whales (seasonal), Reef sharks, Stingrays, Moray eels, Whale sharks, Manta rays and other wonderful underwater creatures. 

6 awesome dive sites


In the channel between Bazaruto Island and Benguerra Island you will find a short barrier reef, a firm favorite amongst snorkelers as it is fairly shallow and is home to plenty tropical fish and coral. On the inside of the reef you can do a shallow dive that ranges from 5 to 13 meters, and on the outside you can dive as deep as 20 meters. The reef has large flat tops that are home to a diversity of hard and soft corals as well as schools of reef fish such as Fusilier, Snapper, Surgeon and Coachman. Bigger pelagic fish species are also often seen here: Potato bass, Barracuda, Kingfish, Devil ray, Manta ray, Ribbon ray, Hawksbill turtles, Grey reef sharks, Tiger sharks and sometimes Whale sharks.


Five Mile Reef offers two shallow dives. The first dive site, Fish Face Pinnacle, offers hard and soft corals on a shallow reef and gets its name from a large pinnacle that sits on a sandy spot, surrounded by a variety of sea life including turtles, Surgeon, Kingfish, Butterfly fish, Groupers and Potato bass. Pinnacle Forest, the second dive site, is a deeper dive which consists of many small pinnacles, gullies and boulders.


Nine Mile Reef is a site for more experienced divers, going as deep as 30 meters. This deeper dive will have you staring into the eyes of White and Black reef tip sharks, turtles, Emperor angel fish, Trumpet fish, Porcupine rays, Blue spotted rays, Oriental sweet lips and game fish.


This dive site lies at a depth of 20 meters maximum. The site starts shallow, making it an ideal dive for resort course divers as well as snorkelers. The reef is very rocky and is home to lots of boulders and little caves where you will find green tree corals, a variety of King fish species, Fazilas, Green turtles, Blue spotted rays, Lion fish, White and Black tip reef sharks and many Moray eels.


Fossil Reef is sheltered by Benguerra Island and lies at a depth of 3 to 13 meters. This is a very unusual dive as the reef name, Fossil Reef, truly comes from the landscape of this reef. All around you will see many fossilized trees rising from the sea bed. Between the trees you will notice many Moray eels and Lion fish peeking in and out.


Once you have enjoyed the reefs around Benguerra Island, you might want to venture back to the mainland of Mozambique for this rarely visited dive site that lies at 30 meters. This dive is only for experienced divers who will be rewarded with spectacular coral growth, Manta rays, sharks and schools of game fish. The long boat ride to the reef gives us an excellent opportunity to look for and swim with the Whale sharks of Mozambique!

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