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Bazaruto Hotels - packages to Azura Retreats

The ultimate Bazaruto hotel

It is difficult to choose a hotel in the sublime Bazaruto Archipelago. This picturesque string of six islands offers you a choice of incredible Mozambique Accommodation. Did you know that the Archipelago is also known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”? So how do you choose an island - Bazaruto, Benguerra and Magaruque? Do you want luxury lodges with villas, beach cabanas or something else?

Start with Benguerra Island and its two luxury island retreats with some of the best beach villa accommodation in Mozambique! Azura Benguerra offers 16 luxury beach villas in an eco chic style setting while Benguerra Lodge, a few hundred yards down the beach, has another 10 beach casistas, two cabanas and a family villa.

Some say that Azura is a bit of a paradox: special, magical and yet it luxurious. Above all, it is a Mozambique beach retreat where the white sands meet azure seas and where relaxation is paramount. At Azura, the Bazaruto Archipelago opens up – the marine life, the island life and the local culture.

And then there is Benguerra Lodge with its remarkable Casitas and Chalets – as well as a large and luxurious Villa. Think plunge pools on private decks overlooking the beach, outdoor showers, open plan lounge areas, large beds and bathrooms!

Come to Benguerra Island to do nothing at all. Or be enticed by the magical activities waiting for your participation: climb enormous dunes, snorkel over pristine coral reefs loaded with sea life and swim to your heart’s content. The less you do, the more you seem to miss out on. From the peaceful sunset dhow cruises to the village excursions, get involved and live a little!

Some of the best diving and deep sea fishing in the world happens in the Bazaruto Archipelago - deep dive sites crowded with dolphins, manta rays, whale sharks, turtles and game fish. Snorkelling above the splendid coral reefs is an unforgettable experience in this untouched paradise to which honeymooners flock during all seasons of the year.

So come to Azure Retreats Benguerra Island and practice your Portuguese. Lean about the stars, and take stunning photographs of every step of your holiday in Mozambique. 

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